Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

25 February 2007

i'd walk a mile for a....

i took miz nina for a walk this afternoon..gingerly...slowly...afraid of pain.... i started off down the street. as i kept walking i felt better and better. i felt so wonderful to be outside, to feel my body moving, to feel the wind on my face. i kept going. i managed to walk one mile, ladies and gentlemen.

23 February 2007

doggin' the walk

well, well, well..... i managed to put on my sneakers today!

and to miz nina's delight, i took her for a walk!

i only went to the end of the block and back again....really slowly. she wanted to haul-boogie and go, go, go! when i couldn't keep up, she would turn around and give me a frustrated glance. whew, i'm frustrated too. it's been three weeks since i hurt myself, but that's three weeks behind me. at the very worst, it'll be another three weeks until i can start back running, you think?

as for the MIL - turns out she cancelled her visit. at least my house is really clean! maybe she'll make it later in the year.

19 February 2007


my life for the last two weeks has been confined to my house. i'm bored, bored, bored.

i can slip a shoe on my ouchy-foot, but i can't walk much on it. i do fine at home in my house slippers - that's about all. on saturday i went to the grocery store with mr. kicky, but was in pain the entire time, and ready to come home after 20 minutes.

i'm so distressed that i am still not back out there running! the weather today is fabuloso. sigh. i am thinking it's going to be another two weeks for me at the least.

in the meantime,..the M.I.L. (mother-in-law) is coming to visit us at the end of the week.

18 February 2007

un merengue

to take the CHILL off the day!

14 February 2007


happy valentine's day! muah!

11 February 2007

i'm blowing this pop stand

i haven't been out of the house since i wrecked my foot. i am going out tonight!! yay!! we're going over to see friends for supper -- people who like me for myself and who won't care if i shuffle over there in my slippers.

can't wait! woo hoo!!
pathetic, i know! but i'm so psyched! ha

07 February 2007

down but not out

thanks for the blog visits and well wishes. it sure made me feel better. my foot is also starting to feel better and has faded from a lovely shade of lilac to a pretty groovey green. the swelling is almost gone, but my poor pinky toe is still pretty black & blue. i haven't attempted to put a shoe one yet, but i'm pleased to announce i can almost put my weight on it, and have progressed from lurching around the house -- mr. kicky calling me GIMPY -- to a more dignified shuffle.

i've been fortunate that i've been able to rest on the sofa with my foot propped up all week. the housework has been foresaken, but i've learned all the dialogue from the full ten years of FRIENDS. could i be any more bored?

sheesh. i'm sure the folks who read blogs are sick already about hearing about my damn toe. well, me too. i haven't been out of my house all week!
so, since you came all this way to visit, here's a few interesting tidbits about me:

1. i am an 7th generation NATIVE FLORIDIAN!
2. my right eye is half blue and half brown
3. i have lots of gray hair but i don't color it. what is that about?
4. i can dance salsa
5. my favorite food: fresh, hot french fries and an ice cold beer (classy!)
6. i buy my Chablis in Chablis and my Champagne in Champagne
7. i speak 3.25 languages
8. my high school year book is entirely in black & white.
9. i can remember when john glenn orbited the earth.
10.i like my house clean and tidy but never manage to get it that way, so i'm always frustrated. fortunately the guyz i live with are clutter blind so some days i can let it slide.

anyways - happy thoughts out there to my fellow runners. keep up the fight! i'll re-join the pack before too long.

05 February 2007

enough said

i love this video. thanks ctclady for sending it to me.

03 February 2007

02 February 2007

most household accidents happen in the bathroom

the scene of the crime

walking out of the bathroom this morning after a wonderful hot shower.....

i caught my right pinkie toe on this ugly (yes! it's ugly! it's evil!) corner of the bathroom door as i walked out.

i hopped on my other foot into the hall way, dripping wet, wrapped in a towel, swearing, in shock, in disbelief, in pain, knowing that the horrible *pop* i felt was something going horribly wrong with the natural state of my foot.

i looked down at my poor little foot and freaked! my toe was sticking out at 90 degrees. sob. it hurt, indeed, but what flashed through my mind? that i wasn't going to be able to run today...or probably for a good while. boo hooo!

swearing some more, i hobbled, sobbing unconsolably, into my bedroom where i sat down on my bed and inspected my deformed digit more closely. i gritted my teeth and determinely grabbed it and gently but firmly pulled it into the correct position. i felt the bones settle back where they're supposed to be.

did i break the poor piggy? or did i just dislocate it?

i'm spending the day with my foot propped up, icing it. stay tuned. i'm so pissed.

on another note, i did run yesterday and did the final workout of the 4th week of the couch to 5K program. i'm so mentally ready to go on to the next level. i even dreamed of it last night. and...now this. i'm so depressed. sigh.