Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

28 March 2007

and this too shall pass

remember the photo of my yard this time last week? ha! we've enjoyed beautiful weather again the last few days.
i just found out we're moving again in the summer. this will be move #12 with Mr. Kicky McKickerson. where does the time go? tick tock
in regards to my running program, i'm back to where i was before i hurt myself in february. this is the time i really need to work if i want to be a serious runner. i'm still only able to run in 5 minute blocks of time. my goal is to work up to 20 minute blocks. so, my aim the next few weeks is to steadily increase my stamina. now i feel like i'm going to be working hard at this running thing this month. wish me luck!

24 March 2007

the man from tallahassee

any LOST fans out there? i have to tell you that although i've seen a few episodes when it first started, i haven't followed the show. i hear the latest episode involves my hometown! yep. i'm a grit, a tallahassee-lassie, a bobby bowden fan, a graduate of florida state university. go 'noles!

so, did anyone out there see the show? what's the scoop?

since i'm such a big weenie about the snow and not really hard core like some people (you know who you are -- you're the it's-not-a-good-day -unless-you're-bleeding people) i've decided to go for a run today in the snow. i just want to see how peaceful it might be. peaceful is good. i could use some of that. i'm gonna go get me some of that.

peace out

23 March 2007

nyah i donwanna

brrrrrr! it's the first week of spring and we're having our winter weather finally. i've opted not to run outside today. i'm a big weenie when it comes to snow. i'm a florida-girl. i love watching it snow from inside my cozy warm house. that's why i've been so tickled that this winter has been so warm.

so, no running outside today for lil ol'me. it was down to the basement for some step aerobics. i felt some some funky 80s tunes comin' on. i did 30 minutes on the step bench, and then free weights (upper & lower body) and a little pilates, on the side.

nina missed her outside run today. she doesn't appreciate the basement gym as much as i do. still, she's good company. (fox terriers - 24/7 in your face fun-fun -fun!). poor puppy - she's a good dog. hmmm. i'll probably put my snow boots on later and take her for a walk. that shouldn't be too treacherous.

y'all have a great weekend!! i'm going to "happy hour" with friends later today. woohoo.

22 March 2007

my inner MOMness

i enjoyed my run yesterday. it was good. i felt really virtuous to be out there in the bad weather. it was blowing and snowing. luckily it had warmed up earlier in the afternoon and alot of the snow on the trails and sidewalks was gone, so really, there was no reason not to go.

i was feeling kinda down though. our daughter and her friend left tuesday at the crack of dawn to go back to school. it was really fun having them home for spring break. it's always sad to say good bye to her. the run was just what i needed to cheer myself up. i managed a bit over 4 miles in 56 minutes, including a one mile warm-up walk, and a few walking breaks. not too shabby for an old lady.

so, my number-one-child left tuesday. today is thursday and i hadn't heard a peep from her. so of course i complained to my best friend that i'm worried. ctclady tells me it's ok to do my MOTHER thing and call her. so i called the child. i called her dorm. i called her cell phone. i didn't get an answer, so i sent a text message via internet to her cell phone. i just wanted to know she was back at school and was ok. my daughter IM'd me not long after and said i called her during class and that no news was good news. well....not always. i needed NEWS. so there. she's still breathing. now i can relax.

but chiiiiild, please.

19 March 2007

creeping crud

no running today. the weather is wild. crazy windy, then hailing, then snowing. hmmm.

my son woke up sick at the crack of dawn. he has the creeping crud and can't keep food down. poor bubba. mr. kicky is also complaining that he is feeling a little "off" today. yikes!

today is my daughter's last day at home. she is running around with her friend now looking for treasures in the 2nd hand shops we love. i'm sorry she has to go...but it's time to finish up and get ready to graduate! i'll go attend her ceremony in may. can't wait!!

in the meantime...wish us luck....i'm trying to keep the cooties away from me and the girlies! so we don't get sick too. they have to leave the house tomorrow before 6 am to get to zurich in time for their morning flight.
special thanks to my blog friends who stop by and leave me encouragement. i really appreciate it!

17 March 2007

happy saint patrick's day

happy saint patrick's day!
this is a photo i took in 2001 during a family trip to ireland. this is a view of the lovely town of iniostige and the nore river.
mr. kicky and i attended a st. patrick's day dinner last night. had decent food, all the beer you wanted and a live irish band. enjoyed ourselves immensely and visited with some friends we don't get to see often.
this morning mr. Kicky took the girlies to 'france for lunch.' (something we do from time to time!) they were going to visit strasbourg today. i opted to stay home and insure that bubba study his physics. we really, really want him to graduate high school come june 2. really really.
i just got back from a run. i spent 1 hour and 40 minutes out on my favorite fields and after i suffered through 4 miles i was finally warmed up and got in two more. i'm slow i know, but hey, i'm out there! i did 6.5 miles today according to my little pedometer. i'm going to hurry and get supper started before i stiffen up!

15 March 2007

music is my morphine drip

a 1/4 mile into my warm up today my battery went dead in my MP3 player. i had to run without a soundtrack today. booooo! i'm a wimp. i neeeeed my tunes, man. i was jonesing for some rolling stones, some hendrix, dylan or springsteen. jonesing bad. when i listen to my tunes, i stop focusing on the pain. i felt every single stride i took today. ow. ow. ow. ow. seriously.
i got in my 3 miles today. the first two were the best. my fastest so far done in about 26 minutes. i might've been faster but i had to stop several times in order to get out of the way of the farmers and their tractors. it's time to do the spring field preparations, and there's just not enough room for all of us at once. let me tell ya - it's smellin' pretty darn "fresh and natural" out there this week. shooooweeeeebob!
i had to talk myself into the last mile after a langourous walk up a steep hill. it wasn't a "quality mile" but i got it in.

so...í'm a definite tunes-runner. sad but true. sigh.

"xuse me while i kiss the sky!"

14 March 2007


downtown bern, switzerland

hey yall. just a quick stop by the ol' blog. i'm having a great time with the girlies. my daughter has purple-blue hair. she says is "blurple." she has the most amazing color of strawberry blond hair that ladies pay the big bucks for. gotta love it. at least it's gonna wash out. kids today. sigh.

yesterday the girls and i went out for our runs. the girls did their thing. i did mine. i dropped my mp3 player in the dirt a few minutes into my routine and it turned off. ack. i didn't want to muck about figuring out where i left off on the couch to 5k workout, so i just winged it. i put on some rockin' tunes and went for it. i figured i'd run one song, then keep going 'til i needed a little break, then run some more. the trail i was on was mostly uphill for about 1.5 miles. most of it was runnable. one patch where they've been logging was too mucky, stumpy and treacherous so i had to pick my way through those areas carefully. no way was i gonna attempt to slog through that mess with a healing foot!

i made it all the way up the schupberg into schupfen (the next village over, on the other side of the forrest.) i was able to make the trip up easily enough, having to stop once in a while to give my screaming hams a break now and then. at the end of the trail, on the edge of schupfen, nina and i turned around, and enjoyed the long winding path back down the trail. the schupberg is just a "little" mountain. i did about 3 miles in 50 minutes, including the down time in the deep mud.

we're having amazing weather this week. i thought about running today, but took it easy instead. the girlies and i met Mr. Kicky in berne for lunch at a cute spot called "café des pyrénées" and had sangría and "tapas" for lunch. after much joviality, the hubby returned to work and the girls went on to investigate einstein's home and the einstein exhibit at the museum of natural history.

sigh. life was good today.

11 March 2007

today in the news

Hart Bridge
Jacksonville, Florida
my pal ctclady totally rocked her 15K yesterday at the jacksonville gate river run. not only did she finish TEN MINUTES FASTER than last year, she was able to run up that huge bridge without stopping! (the racers call it the big green monster. ha.) i'm so proud of her!! my friend, she's amazing!

in other news, i did my piddly little work out yesterday - week two of the couch to 5K program. but, let's face it, i rocked that too. i did the workout going up hill on the trails in the forrest near my house. it was a beautiful spring-like day! i had to skip some of my favorite trails though because they're logging back there. (Timberrrrrr!) once i finished my workout, i turned around and run most of the way back home, only stopping a couple of times to carefully step through some deep mud, and once to get out of the way of a car. i love the down hill part - my little reward.

and in family news, our daughter is arriving tomorrow for her spring break! looks like we'll have pretty good weather while she's here too. she's bringing a college girl friend of hers, who i call Mirambo (for fun). Mirambo just finished a tour in iraq. i'm so glad she's safe and sound. i'm looking forward to spoiling both the girlies.

in other family news, i just got the funniest email from my mother in florida. i have to share it:
I have a funny story to tell about working in the yard. Thursday
morning I was up in the middle of the seagrape tree on a ladder, thinning
out little branches. I want it to look a special way, not trimmed up
drastically as the "men" want it. Anyhow, someone is always giving me
lip about trimming the trees and climbing around in them. (I plan to
do it as long as I can.)

I heard a loud gruff voice say "GET ON THE GROUND....NOW!" I'm thinking Who's speaking to me THAT way?" When I peek out of the tree I see a police car at the corner and a cop screaming and pointing his gun at a big black truck on the road near our driveway. Finally the man in the truck gets out and acts
smart, so the cop is really screaming now. All at once 5 police cars roar up and
suddenly the man decides to cooperate. ha ha Anyhow, he gets arrested and placed in the back of a police car, and a policeman gets in the truck. That's when I see Billy the Karate Kid cat....in the truck.....and acting like there's catnip
there. So, I'm yelling, " WAIT, let me get my cat," as I scramble out of the tree. None of us could get ahold of him, but finally I went toward the house, and
called, "Billy, come get your medicine." That brought him running....as he loves that hairball Rx and always wants more and more. Everyone left in a hurry. The
neighbors are teasing us that things certainly get quiet around here after
we leave.....Well, I guess so.

billy the karate kid

08 March 2007

a gentle breeze

this is a pic i took in feb. 06 when ctclady took me for a walk on fort myers beach, FL.

my wonderful friend "ctclady" is running in the jacksonville gate river run on saturday. this is the second time she's run the race. she is the reason i've finally started running. ctclady started running a few years ago and i've admired her steady improvement and accomplishment. not to mention how strong, beautiful and awesome she is!

Good Luck to you, Ctclady!

Run Fast Like the Wind!

....or as you say, "like a gentle breeze!" ha

06 March 2007

going, going, gone

had an amazing workout today. felt so good i did it twice. ha. yeah...probably got a little over eager. i know tomorrow i'll feel it, but today i was groovin' along. life was good. my pedometer says i went 5.33 miles. that's 1 mile walking warm-up (for me to untangle myself and for miz nina to get all her sniffing and potty issues done), then i did the first week workout of the couch to 5K workout two times, then i walked/jogged home 1 mile. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

take THAT you stupid bathroom door!

05 March 2007


well today for my birthday....i got up early and had coffee with bubba before he went to school. then i went back to bed and slept until 11. then i got up and watched "the young & the restless" in french, and then watched ""the guiding light" in english. by then it stopped raining, so i laced up my running shoes and took nina out.
today i decided to start back running. it's been 4 weeks since i hurt my foot, and while it still hurts, it doesn't feel like $%#-it's-broken anymore. i've been only able to wear my running shoes. my "girlie shoes" still hurt.

first i walked to the fields i love so much. that's just about 1 mile. then, i started back at week one on the couch to 5K thing..but WOW! i felt awesome and so strong. i not only did the 8 60 second runs, i "hauled ass," "whoooosh!" just like everyone said i would. it was wonderful!! after that workout, i jogged/walked back home (1 mile). i have a new pedometer now. it says i went 4 miles today walking/running.

i feel like myself again. i'm back, baby!

02 March 2007

and then all of a sudden....

...my foot felt better!!

i woke up this morning and as soon as my feet touched the floor i knew my sore right foot was suddenly so much better than it was yesterday. i am so excited, but curious. why is it so much better today? what made the difference? well..it has been four weeks since i hurt it.

maybe i shouldn't question the TOE GODS and just take my improvement on faith. in the meanwhile, i will continue to take it easy through the weekend and limit myself to the one mile walks with nina.

monday - i've decided to start running again.

monday is my 48th birthday and i want to celebrate it with a re-entry into my running program. i wonder how i should start back. hmmmm. any suggestions?

i read the following at www.coolrunning.com about starting back after time off -

The Runner's Recovery
Returning to running after a brief layoff? A general rule of thumb is that it takes about two weeks of "retraining" to come back from every week in which you do no exercise. Go easy on yourself during this period. Don't let your ego convince you that you should immediately be able to run as you did before. If you've been off the roads for only a week or two, start at about half the distance you were running before the injury. You should be able to build back to your former level in two to four weeks.

thanks jeanne, susie and ctclady for your encouraging words, and thanks to my other friends for the blog visits.