Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

31 December 2007

end of 2007!

happy new year's everyone! :-)
hope all is GR8 in 2008!

in my running life --
i got a job and only ran 3 mile in december? wtf! i'm quitting.

the ladies' shoe department - so not worth it. i haven't run. people have thrown shoes at me. ugh. i'm outta there!

see ya!!

...to be continued.

14 December 2007

i had NO idea...

so....way into the selling shoes at the ladies' shoe department at the local Macy's....omg...i had NO IDEA that this was so crazy. i've done retail before, and i know it can be hectic; that customers are sometimes grumpy, impatient, and that the schedule can be freaky, and that it's physically exhausting all for minimum wage.... but shoes? lemme tell you, this is like nothing i've ever done. if you're curious, stop by the ladies' shoe department in one of the major national department stores this holiday shopping season and just observe for a few moments.

aside from the selling shoes thing...i love retail. i am enjoying working for macy's. i'm still getting used to being on my feet so long, and my running has taken a nose dive. i MUST get back to it. i'm sure i will.

in the meantime...i've come down with the creeping crud. sore throat, fever, general misery. ugh. please bring me some chicken soup and rub my feet. ;-)

06 December 2007

just wanted to share...

hi! just wanted to share a scene of our first snow in northern virginia with you. i was out early this morning, with miz nina. we only took a walk. it was a little too icy and i was due at work in the afternoon. i didn't want to risk slipping.
speaking of my job.... how in the world can i get used to being on my feet all day, and keep up with the running? i think that until i get used to the job, i'll only be able to run on days when i've had a proper rest the day before. if i have the energy, i'll go use the elliptical trainer on the "alpine" setting tomorrow at the gym. that should be better than nothing!
oh...my tootsies! lol
anyways...enjoy your day.

05 December 2007

First Snow!

We had our first snow today. I was fortunate to be off work today, so I didn't have to be out in the horrendous traffic. We only got 1-2 inches, but, folks, gotta tell ya, people in northern virginia, just can't handle driving in the snow. I think it's mainly because there's just TOO MANY OF US here!

Did I get my run in? Absolutely! My running took a nose dive the last few days since I began my retail job. Being on your feet all day long is difficult. I would compare it to being able to run two miles. Then, you go out and run ten miles. You can get across the finish line, but you'll be tired and not to mention sore. Then, the very next day, you go run those ten miles again! And then the third day, another ten! You get the picture. You don't have time to recover. My poor feet! Ha.

So, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off. Whew. My feet needed it. Today I felt up to an easy run, so Miz Nina and I went out about 9:30 in the snow to follow the trails. I was in heaven! I love running in the winter. I'm so happy it's winter again!

Back to work for me Thursday through Saturday, but I have Sunday off. My daughter and I are signed up to run in a 10K in DC early Sunday morning. Can't hardly wait! Wish me luck with my tootsies!

All the best!