Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

20 June 2007

back in the US of A

just a quick hello - in case you stop by.
i arrived back in virginia yesterday.
it's like
hot, man.

11 June 2007

une coupe de champagne

this is me enjoying some champagne, the evening after finishing the Schweizer Frauenlauf 5K. i am wearing the awesome "finishers T-shirt" i got.

as i crossed the finish line was was given: a bottle of gatorade, a banana, a small box of cereal, a really nifty armband to hold a cell phone or mp3 player, and the cool technical fabric finishers T-shirt. i love getting goodies!

merci a tous! danke viel mal! thank you for reading and following along with me these past few months. i have appreciated your interest, and the support, and i've especially enjoyed "meeting" such friendly fellow bloggers.

i wish you all a very happy summer. i will see you again in the fall, when i will have re-entered my native culture. i've been "out" since 1989.

until then! auf weidersehen! hasta luego! au revoir! ciao!
see you again at "L'Entrée."

10 June 2007

Oh Em Gee

oh my gaawd y'all,
i almost lost my husband today.
i thought he was a gonner.
a run-away 300 lb desk
sliding down the stairs
bonka bonka bonka
he was at the bottom of the stairs
i haven't seen that man
move that fast
in 20 years
it's a killer.

Schweizer Frauenlauf Bern = check

Herzliche Gratulation,
allen Teilnehmerinnen des 21. Schweizer Frauenlaufs
in Bern!

now i can check this off the list. whew. it was a good one. #1 daughter and i had a blast. we were fortunate that her boyfriend, SpikeyLeatherJacketGuy, came with us and took pictures!

Here's #1 daughter (# 33145) as she's finishing up the race - all smiles.

SpikeyLeatherJacketGuy caught me (#33146) finishing up the last few meters before the finish line. i wasn't "smiley." ha. i was soooooooooooo glad to cross it. this "felt" like a loooong race. i did the time i wanted - 35:35:20. i hope this time next year my 5K time will be lower.

fun times.

our victory pose

for better or for worse

...ha! just like my house.

08 June 2007

i am the master of the universe. i am!!

truth be told, i like to think i have control over the universe. i like to think i have power over what happens next, and to some extent i do. unfortunately, other people just don't understand that they need to be doing everything i say. *sigh*

i have been depending on #1 son's brawn to move heavy furniture out of house that i plan to give away next week. he has completely unbalanced my world by injuring himself. goofing around wtih friends: he fell and hurt his hand. a quick trip to the doctor confirms that yes, he hurt it, but the xray didn't show any broken bone, but to come back next week if it still hurts. hmmmm. in our past experience when the doc said, "it's not broken," guess what, it was broken.

ahhhh, whatever. he still has one good hand.

today is #1 daughter's and my last training run before the Frauenlauf on sunday. i'm looking forward to it, but not with the breathless anticipation i had for the Bern Grand Prix. this is probably because there has been so much other stuff going on. i'm very happy however, that i did sign us up for this race. it has certainly been a motivator to keep me running during a busy time. after this race, and before the army 10-miler in october, i think i'll have to scope out something to do in july/august as a goal.

anyways....i'm going back to my sorting and organizing before the big pack out. see? at least i have control over this little corner of my universe. yes, i do.

hope you're having a good day, wherever you are.

02 June 2007

the day has come

the day has come,

the one that seemed so impossibly far away when i first took my youngest child to school back in mexico city in 1992.

my youngest child has graduated from high school.

i am thrilled beyond belief.

i am proud.

i am nostalgic.

i went for a wonderful run yesterday with my daughter and miz nina. we ran in the rain through the forest. nina and i even saw a deer crossing the trail in front of us. i am so grateful that nina came to me when i called her and didn't tear off after the poor thing. all three of us ended the run covered in mud and smiles. life is good.

01 June 2007


can't eat
can't run
this too shall pass
tomorrow is to be a HAPPY DAY, and i'm starting to feel better.