Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

28 June 2008

the virginia muggies

hey! so i've been out there a couple of times since i last wrote - jogging up and down my limited trails. it's been rather humid, hot during the afternoons, and there's been some worry about air quality. with work, the best time for me to get in a quick run is first thing when i get up - about 6 a.m. when it's still cool. i've been delighted to see several of our forrest rascals out there: angry beavers slapping their tails when i've stumbled by, crunching noisily on the gravel trail. foxy loxy has peered at me a few times, and i know i've been excitingly close to mr. skunk, but luckily have not had the pleasure of coming face to face. i had to test my jedi skills the other day when i almost landed a step ontop of a snake hurrying across my path. best to remember we're not alone out there and to stay aware!

22 June 2008

Getting Squared Away

Summer is here! 2008!
I was able to visit my lovely daughter at Quantico today. She's 3 weeks into OCS and looks fierce, and has some awesome bruises. She's working hard, trying to make it. Let's send her good energy. Oorah. My boy is doing well in his Marine corps career. Both of my babies are still in Virginia, which makes a Mom feel good. Mr. Wonderful is far away still in "Dog's Breath" but is doing well. That leaves me, and Miz Nina, holding down the fort. I've had my hands full keeping up with the yard, the house, the dog walks, my job, and here and there I've managed to get out to run.

Since I've started working I've found it so much harder to get out the door to run. It's always a struggle for me, but now even more! UGH! Enough already. Summer's here. Time to rack up some miles.

01 June 2008

running in my head

running in my head. only.

short version: i got lazy. then it was harder to get out the door. now i'm recovering from "the crud" which has left me coughing, breathless and exhausted. please send me some good JUJU.

breaking news: my daughter reported 5/30 to quantico for OCS - or as she puts is "summer camp on crack!"