Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

29 November 2007

the one with one of those job thingies

i found it.
i'll be selling shoes at macy's.
boring enough? yep. boring is good.
benefits are good.
employee discount is good.
commission is good.

21 November 2007

Fun Times!

#1 Daughter and I have been busy enjoying several local races. First up, we joined in the fun with the Masonic Veteran's Day 10K in DC. We drove into DC early that Sunday morning, and parked on a bridge near the starting area. The sun has just come up, and it was still quite cold!! It was a nice, fast, flat course -- I especially enjoyed it because it was an out and back route, and I was actually able to see the folks who won blaze by me! That was exciting. My time? Whatever. I ran behind this dude who juggled 5 balls the entire time...and I never passed him. Sigh! Next Year, Juggle Boy! I was there for the fun, and as you can see, I was smiling when I crossed the finish line. Check out the race report HERE from Washington Running Report.

On November 17, we selected a holiday-themed race and had a blast! Yes, we chose it because of the name. It was the Freeze Your Gizzard Off 5K held in Leesburg, Virginia at the Ida Lee Park Recreation Center. Now...THAT was fun!! Read the race report here from Washington Running Report. The race didn't begin until 9am, which meant we actually didn't have to get up all that early! The grounds of the Ida Lee Park are lovely, and the route took us around the perimeter, up and down gently rolling hills. Anyone looking for a new place to visit, I highly recommend it. Anyone looking for a fun new 5K, this one is for you!! Not to mention...the T-Shirt is awesome!
Coming up next: The Jingle All the Way 10k There's always a race on somewhere in the DC area! How fun!
Just so you know...there's another 10 miler in the Spring. Hmmm... The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Do I dare? What do you think?
Enjoy your day! Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all.

08 November 2007

have a nice trip!

Today when I went for my run it was only in the 30s. It felt really great! I hope you are enjoying the cooler temperatures like I am. I did my 5+ mile loop through the neighborhood. I was actually one minute faster today than on Monday when I was having my awesome run.
As I started out, I was admiring all the fall foliage as well as the left over Halloween decorations that are still out. I was intently examining that giant “Lebanese Cyprus” I like that’s on the right side of Majestic Lane, heading back up towards the shopping center. I was so engrossed in it, I stubbed my toe on the uneven sidewalk and went down! I did this really awesome Jackie-Chan double roll into that front yard, in front of some little kids holding their lunch boxes while their mom herded them into the family mini van. Before they could utter a word, I had already rolled my way back onto my feet and was trotting on down the sidewalk. Yeah. I meant to do that.

05 November 2007

oh, the joy

i had one of those runs yesterday. 5 miles around the neighborhood. pretty autumn colors. cool weather. i felt like i could go on forever. these "perfect" runs don't happen often, but when you hit it, you know it. everything clicks. nothing hurts. it's pure joy. i think that's why i keep plodding along, because i know eventually i'll get one of these precious moments. although fleeting, these perfect runs bring clarity to my life.