Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

10 February 2009

running in blue jeans

the other day was beautiful! it was almost 70 degrees; the last traces of ice melted away. miz nina and i ventured out to our trails for a quick two mile doggy walk. miz nina quickly decided that walking just wasn't going to do it for either of us. the sunshine, the warm breeze, the promise of spring made us feel exhilarated. do you remember when you were a kid going outside to play after being couped up inside for a long time? that's how we both felt! i had on an older pair of running shoes, however, i was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. i felt like a kid; just running because i was happy. we stopped here and there. of course there was lots for nina to investigate along the way, and she jumped into the creek (now thawed!) several times. it was really fun. how many times have i just gone outside to run for fun? i think i'll make a point of doing it more. no training. no timing. no schedule. just the joy of being outside, feeling the old legs, heart, lungs do their thing. keeping going as long as you feel like it. ahhhhhhh. try it some time!

today nina and i went out and we did her two mile doggy run. it was not quite as warm today, but still in the 60s. i had on some long exercise pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. the trail is rather muddy, which is ok. the muddier the better in my book! we saw a family of deer that watched us trot by. after nina's 2 miler, i dropped her off, and went back outside for another 45 minutes or so. i completed five miles today, which i took note of. i take my time, but i get them done. i'm still taking walk breaks every so often to keep my heart rate where it should be, but i feel great and look forward to making progress.

05 February 2009

the big 5 OH is coming at me like a freight train

my 50th birthday is exactly one month from today.
i'm going to be HALF A CENTURY OLD!

i'm starting my running program over again - from the beginning.

it's never too late, right?

it's been a hard year and i put my running on the back burner.

long story short: i went through three, count'em three jobs this year. each one led me to a bigger and better job but sadly the last, and best one didn't last very long, and i was let go.

now i'm jobless.


that means, gang, that i have ALL this time to devote entirely to myself.

i'm going to focus on the bright side.

so...here i go again!

28 June 2008

the virginia muggies

hey! so i've been out there a couple of times since i last wrote - jogging up and down my limited trails. it's been rather humid, hot during the afternoons, and there's been some worry about air quality. with work, the best time for me to get in a quick run is first thing when i get up - about 6 a.m. when it's still cool. i've been delighted to see several of our forrest rascals out there: angry beavers slapping their tails when i've stumbled by, crunching noisily on the gravel trail. foxy loxy has peered at me a few times, and i know i've been excitingly close to mr. skunk, but luckily have not had the pleasure of coming face to face. i had to test my jedi skills the other day when i almost landed a step ontop of a snake hurrying across my path. best to remember we're not alone out there and to stay aware!

22 June 2008

Getting Squared Away

Summer is here! 2008!
I was able to visit my lovely daughter at Quantico today. She's 3 weeks into OCS and looks fierce, and has some awesome bruises. She's working hard, trying to make it. Let's send her good energy. Oorah. My boy is doing well in his Marine corps career. Both of my babies are still in Virginia, which makes a Mom feel good. Mr. Wonderful is far away still in "Dog's Breath" but is doing well. That leaves me, and Miz Nina, holding down the fort. I've had my hands full keeping up with the yard, the house, the dog walks, my job, and here and there I've managed to get out to run.

Since I've started working I've found it so much harder to get out the door to run. It's always a struggle for me, but now even more! UGH! Enough already. Summer's here. Time to rack up some miles.

01 June 2008

running in my head

running in my head. only.

short version: i got lazy. then it was harder to get out the door. now i'm recovering from "the crud" which has left me coughing, breathless and exhausted. please send me some good JUJU.

breaking news: my daughter reported 5/30 to quantico for OCS - or as she puts is "summer camp on crack!"

16 April 2008

the benefits of florida sunshine

my visit to south west florida was lovely. i spent ten days with my folks and was spoiled rotten. the weather was fantastic and i ate really well. i ran a bit too, enough to work off the extra calories from eating fried grouper. oh yum.

now i'm back home, overseeing work being done on my house. lots of banging and miz nina is not pleased, although she is now resigned to the workers being here for the next week or so. i'm taking a bit more time off work right now.

since last fall my running i've only made a minimum effort, but i've kept up with it enough to stay in some kind of shape. i need to focus more on keeping a routine going. i'm having a hard time getting motivated to get out the door - that has always been my hardest battle. sigh.

during my visit to florida, i did a fair amount of running outside which felt wonderful. i hope to keep the momentum!

26 March 2008

Oh, hai!

me & the kiddos - the early years
i have become a terrible blogger, i admit it. sorry. i have thought of you every single day since i last posted. finally, i'm stopping by to add a few lines, and let you know, that i'm still breathing, i'm still running, and i'm doing ok.
here's a list of all that's happened since i last signed on:
1- i quit the shoe job. no big surprise.
2 - #1 son became a us marine, and i'm so proud
3. - mr. wonderful came home on leave from "dog's breath" but had to cut the visit short and return suddenly due to unrest back "there" ..but he's cool and doing ok.
4 - i landed a new job and finally found the thing where i don't have to work and someone pays me.
5- #1 daughter made it into the DC ROLLERGIRLS (check out -www.dcrollergirls.com),
6- #1 daughter will be going to USMC OCS at the end of may, so looks like i'm going to be the proud mom of two devil dogs. oorah.
7 - oh! and i get to go to florida next week. yay.
in the meantime....
thanks for the support and comments.
have a great day!