Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

26 March 2008

Oh, hai!

me & the kiddos - the early years
i have become a terrible blogger, i admit it. sorry. i have thought of you every single day since i last posted. finally, i'm stopping by to add a few lines, and let you know, that i'm still breathing, i'm still running, and i'm doing ok.
here's a list of all that's happened since i last signed on:
1- i quit the shoe job. no big surprise.
2 - #1 son became a us marine, and i'm so proud
3. - mr. wonderful came home on leave from "dog's breath" but had to cut the visit short and return suddenly due to unrest back "there" ..but he's cool and doing ok.
4 - i landed a new job and finally found the thing where i don't have to work and someone pays me.
5- #1 daughter made it into the DC ROLLERGIRLS (check out -www.dcrollergirls.com),
6- #1 daughter will be going to USMC OCS at the end of may, so looks like i'm going to be the proud mom of two devil dogs. oorah.
7 - oh! and i get to go to florida next week. yay.
in the meantime....
thanks for the support and comments.
have a great day!


ctclady said...

Wow! you got it all summed up nicely! ALOT has happened man!

Phil said...

Don't worry ... we've been following your Running Log. Good to have you back and blogging though. Congrats to the you and your family. You've got much to be proud of.